Okay, I hate everyone at my school. Everyone is being so immature. If you start rumors then don’t be surprised when you don’t win a fucking election. And don’t try to post all over Facebook that you had an awful day and that you did nothing wrong. Because imagine the crappy day I had when you started the rumor that my boyfriend cheated on me. People voted and they didn’t want you. One person doesn’t change that. It’s not anyone’s fault but yours. So grow up. You’re in highschool now. I swear if one more freshman tries to bring this up to me I’m going to punch them in the face. I’m so completely done.

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Anonymous asked: I saw you today and i was gonna say hi but when i looked your way you were like all over Bryce and some other awkward kid following you.

I saw you too. I was not all over Bryce. We were talking. Thats not a crime. You were surrounded by guys and girls. You could of said hi. The only reason why I didn’t say hi to you is because you used to get mad at me if I did when you were with your friends. I’m sorry.

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does anyone else accidentally stare at a boys penis when hes wearing pants

me but it’s never an accident


yep, I’m just like, how can you hide a penis there? like where does it go?

it’s not even in a sexual way, i’m just like, how does it fit in there? is it uncomfortable?

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Anonymous asked: Yeah me to I was at work and smashed my finger In a drawer then I had to wake up at 2:30 in the morning and today I had to wake up at 3:45 am and then tomorrow I gotta wake up like 4am I just hate mornings. And I was trying to find a camera box display for the customer because he wanted to buy the display camera and I searched for like a whole 25 mins and my dress pants are dirty and I'm sweating from bending over so much and kneeling down and I finally found it. Then he didn't want it.... -___-

Damn. That’s shitty. I hope things get better for you, man.

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Anonymous asked: So my girlfriend basically called me a little bitch because I supposedly have to save like around 300 dollars for prom cause I gotta get a tux then she said save 100 for dinner? Like what the fuck you gonna eat the whole restaurant?! That's ridiculous. But anyways why you say goodbye

That’s pretty fucked if you ask me. She sounds alil spoiled. And I say goodbye because I’m just sorta done with everything. I had the shittiest weekend and Idk. I can’t take it anymore

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I tried so hard…

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Because I do.

I know they did